Engagement in TDR Capital International Limited

We have been providing outstanding financial guidance to families, businesses, and individuals worldwide for over 30 years. We have a profound awareness of what it means to be affluent and have the power to influence society.

Our corporate headquarters are located in the heart of Hong Kong, where we have established a sizable clientele by providing ethically sound guidance gleaned from the greatest resources available. As a result, we have gained the loyalty, respect, and trust of each illustrious customer we work with.

“We are much more than just a wealth management firm. We are trusted partners and advisors, as well as a company dedicated to assisting our customers in achieving their objectives.”

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TDR Capital International Limited was established with the goal of safeguarding clients' wealth while generating lucrative returns through investments in international infrastructure and stocks.

Since then, we've proven ourselves capable of generating and preserving money for our investors. We have achieved this by investing in top-notch international stocks that benefited from the emergence of the emerging consumer, the development of a cashless society, the housing recovery, the dominance of business software giants, and the introduction of digital consumer platforms, to name just a few major trends of the previous ten years.

TDR Capital International Limited has established a strong reputation as analysts who can comprehend and predict trends around the world. We anticipate that throughout the next ten years, many themes will dominate, and our Customer guidance will be adjusted accordingly.


First Process for New Investors

Helping you make confident investments.

More than simply a method, Putting the Investor First is who we are. We promise to provide investors techniques that encourage faith in their financial future. It entails providing people with the resources to live their lives on their terms.

Prioritizing the Investor .

No one investing company excels at handling all asset classes. To provide a broad variety of investment options, we adopt a diversified approach that draws on the expertise of top-tier portfolio managers across the sector. We became industry leaders in sub-advised mutual funds because to this concept. Simply said, we are capable of choosing and overseeing a wide range of managers in order to get superior outcomes.

The Investor-First Approach

Success is not a coincidence. The strict criteria demanded by our Investor First Process, which consists of the following four processes, must be met by every portfolio manager.


1. Examine

Quantitative Analysis in Step 1
To find strategies that offer competitive returns, style consistency, and sound risk mitigation, we use quantitative measurements.

2. Assess

Qualitative Analysis in Step 2
We examine the manager's investment philosophy, portfolio development method, organizational structure, and other relevant aspects with a prospective mindset.

3. Choose

Recommendation of an Investment Manager in Step 3
These quantitative and qualitative studies are merged through an objective, fact-based, and cooperative approach to create a recommendation that is examined by our Investment and Investment Risk committees.

4. Monitor

Constant Observation in Step 4.
Daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly checks are made to ensure that fund managers are meeting critical standards such investment performance, style adherence, and goal compliance.

Change your investing strategy FOREVER.


TDR Capital International Limited provides a personalized and proactive wealth management strategy. We take the time to get to know you and comprehend your goals, and we develop individualized solutions for every stage of your life.

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