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About Us

TDR Capital International provides a vast array of financial services, including investment, banking, securities, and investment management, to corporations, financial institutions, governments, and individuals, among others.

Our Objectives and Values

The goal of TDR Capital International Limited is to promote global financial opportunity and sustainable economic progress. We use our people and resources to enhance the success of our customers, broaden individual prosperity, and speed up economic progress for all, drawing on our many years of expertise working with the world's top corporations, entrepreneurs, and organizations.

Our Employees

We say it all the time and for good reason: our employees are our most valuable asset. Only through the commitment and devotion of our employees will we be able to serve our customers, develop long-term value for our shareholders, and contribute to the general public. Our efforts are centered on fostering and supporting a diverse work environment and workforce, which is vital to fulfilling the different requirements of our broad client base and the communities in which we operate.

TDR Capital International is a fully integrated professional financial services organization that helps customers build, manage, and preserve their wealth.

TDR Capital International has a plethora of financial services expertise and has been serving customers for over a decade, giving the greatest levels of assistance, professionalism, and honesty, and this will only become better.

Most of our Partners and senior employees have worked for some of the best financial businesses in Hong Kong and Asia for many years. As a consequence, we have created a long-term and profitable company founded on longevity, expertise, security, and value.