Anti Money Laundering

TDR Capital International Limited has formulated rules and established processes in order to identify and prevent instances of money laundering.

Money Laundering Prevention

The policies and practices TDR Capital International Limited has implemented to identify and prevent money laundering are outlined below.

  • We have put in place extensive anti-money laundering processes that comply with the norms and regulations in the countries where we do business.
  • To monitor the Firm's anti-money laundering operations, we have designated money laundering compliance officers.
  • We keep an eye out for unusual behaviour in the Firm's dealings.
  • We have implemented a program to educate our relevant personnel about the Firm's anti-money laundering policies and procedures. All relevant workers are also trained in how to spot money laundering and report any questionable conduct.
  • On a yearly basis, we assess the Firm's anti-money laundering program.

Our Processes for Customer Identification for New Accounts

To avoid money laundering and terrorist funding, government regulations require all financial institutions to gather, record, and verify information that identifies each person or organization that opens an account. We will need your name and address when you establish an account with us. We'll also need an identifying number. You must bring a passport or other government-issued picture identification document. It refers to a taxpayer identification number for non-US companies.

Furthermore, you may be requested to present identifying papers in order for the Firm to authenticate your identity. We may also run your name via multiple databases to confirm your identification. All information and documents will be handled in a way that respects your privacy.

We are compelled to check our clients' identities. In certain cases, we may be unable to create an account or make transactions on your behalf until we have collected and confirmed the relevant identifying information. If we have created an account for you, we may have to limit or terminate it if you do not provide the required information or documentation, or if we are unable to authenticate your identity.

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