On behalf of its clients, customers, members, or shareholders, an institutional investor purchases, sells, and manages stocks, bonds, and other financial assets. Endowment funds, commercial banks, mutual funds, hedge funds, pension funds, and insurance companies are the six main categories of institutional investors.

A business or organization that manages investments on behalf of others is known as an institutional investor. Examples include insurance firms, mutual funds, and pension plans. Institutional investors are regarded as the "whales" of Wall Street because they frequently buy and sell enormous quantities of stocks, bonds, or other securities.

Through our enviable sales, trading, and distribution capacities, we offer top-notch financial and risk management solutions to businesses and institutional clients. Your order would be functioning round-the-clock while you sleep thanks to 24-hour coverage across the primary sales and trading platforms in Hong Kong, London, New York, or Tokyo.

We can offer clients a wide range of comprehensive financial solutions thanks to our global access, broad product spectrum, and local market understanding, as well as our complementing strengths in technology and distribution. With the breadth and depth of our resources, we are able to continually provide our clients cutting-edge solutions as we handle their demands with completely integrated solutions in all important currencies, industries, and regions.

Regulatory Services

When making financial decisions on behalf of your company, it's crucial to safeguard your interests by abiding by strict fiduciary standards of objectivity. Your asset allocation, investment prospects, and investment portfolio need to be objectively evaluated with a close eye on costs. After all, the more effectively your company can meet its investing goals, the more funds will be available to support your charity endeavors.

Managed Concentrated Equity

The item that has contributed to significant wealth creation is frequently the one that poses the greatest threat to future financial security. We can assist with the management of highly concentrated positions resulting from the sale of a closely held business in exchange for stock in a publicly traded company, stock and option incentives from an employer, a sizeable inheritance with a sizable position in a single security, or long-term fundamental investing.

Structured Items

Structured products are becoming more and more alluring because they would be able to effectively expose the market, complementing a well-diversified portfolio. We work hard to design and offer solutions that can achieve certain goals, such as risk reduction, return enhancement, and market access, where they are in line with investor objectives.

Financial Trading

We can provide you with full investment banking services, such as: if you're a business owner or executive looking to explore new arrangements for your firm.

Offer to the Public

Utilizing the knowledge of our investment bankers to create a targeted strategy for achieving financial success, followed by supplying services for equity issues as the primary method of raising money and luring new investors.

Acquisitions and Mergers

Assisting businesses in finding strategic acquisition and merger possibilities and carrying out related deals.


Assembling adaptable teams of restructuring experts and sector experts to support businesses undergoing difficult financial transformations. Additionally, we can assist you with problems like buyouts or acquisitions, additional equity funding, and the true market value of your business.​